They were fabulous. They saved my Spooky (cat) who had swallowed a hair tie. They knew money was tight and they gave me a quote that they stuck to. Without the amazing staff and Doctor, Spooky would not be with our family today and his brother Pumpkin would have been lost. I have since brought my cats to see him and will bring our puppy when she is due for any visits. They are just wonderful people.

– Stephanie C.

We have been going to Dr. Neelesh and his staff since he had the business. We have several dogs and cats, and have been extremely happy with their services. They are knowledgable, compassionate, thorough, helpful, and friendly. They are always willing to devote as much time as necessary. We would recommend River City Veterinary Care to anyone.

– Martha O.

Dr. Neelesh And his staff are AMAZING!!! I would never take my fur baby anywhere else. He has performed two surgeries on both of her knees and most recently cleaned and removed a few of her teeth that had started to rot. He is very thorough and his bedside manner is the best in Texas. I know my dog is in good hands every time we walk in.

– Roquita W.

Dr. Neelesh and his staff are wonderful. I took our 15 year old lab in yesterday, after a weekend of the dog not sleeping, wanting out every 45 minutes or so all night long, and tummy troubles galore on Monday. I dropped him off Tuesday morning on my way to work, and in less than two hours they called me with a complete report, and had already diagnosed the problem and started appropriate medication. Hercules slept like a log last night, and consequently so did I.The care was compassionate, fast, and quite reasonably priced.

– Melinda S.

I’ve been going to this vet since Dr. Bammel and Dr. Marbach were running it. I liked Dr. Marbach a lot! When Dr. Neelish first came on board, I was a little put off because he seemed more aloof and considered going elsewhere, but decided to give him a chance. I’m glad I did. He’s a truly nice guy with a sense of humor (albeit a bit dorky ;-)) He detected cancer in two of my dogs, and he was there for me when one of them passed away. He does work with rescues now, so our rescue also uses him. The staff is excellent and fun to talk with. I hope he stays around forever!

– Kim Young

We are so grateful for formerly known Perrin Beitel Vet Hospital and the current River City Veterinary Care. I feel completely confident Dr. Neelesh and Dr. Provost and their staff provide the very best medical care I can find for my pets. I thought Drs. Ayers and Klecka and staff were wonderful also, but we feel very fortunate to gain such expertise and professionalism in the transition. In addition to care and compassion, River City’s staff are “Over-the-top” in accommodating pet parents. They seem to sense when we are distraught and provide that extra comfort we seek. Drs. Neelesh and Provost strive to approach every medical issue with much focus, deciding on a treatment plan up front, provide an expected outcome and constantly searching for alternatives when expectations are not met. We feel we could not find any better medical care for our fur babies anywhere else at any price.

– Judi L.

I have been going to this clinic and working with Dr Neelesh ever since day I adopted my dog, Ivy. They were previously located at AustinHwy Vet Clinic. But I have to say that they treat my dog with much respect and care. They handle her energy and fervor well. I feel like they genuinely care for all animals and especially mine. Whatever I ask for, they can provide. They routinely check her weight, her allergies, and her overall health. They even give her good treats. Now whenever I take her in for a check, my dog actually gets excited. My dog has horrible storm phobia and they offered other options than sedatives to help her. I am just really glad that I found them and they moved closer to where I live…WINNING! They are a great clinic and staff.

– Tiffany J.

I love Dr. Neelesh. He has been wonderful with both my dogs, and when it was time to let go of our 16-year-old, he and his staff were both professional and kind. We even received a letter of condolence after she died.

You can talk to him about what he thinks should be done, and then you can compromise with him about exactly what to do at a given time. In talking with him, you really get the sense that he loves the medicine of being a veterinarian, which makes me like him even more. He seems to be up-to-date and to read the recent studies and know the scientific literature. It’s awesome that he keeps up; so many medical professionals don’t.

Overall, my experiences with this clinic have been very good. I drive quite a ways to get there since they moved from Austin Highway. (That’s my only complaint and it’s not their fault.)

– Patty L.

In the past my dog Mandy has always been very anxious when visiting the Vet but since we have been going to River City Veterinarian she is quite calm and she seems happy to be there. I am happy to have found such good care for my precious Pet.!!!!

– Ronald S.

I just came back from my first (well, my cat’s first) visit here and I can’t believe I hit the vet jackpot. I am new to San Antonio and was choosing blindly when it came to finding a vet to take care of my cat’s lack of peeing issue. Dr. Neelesh and his staff were incredibly accommodating and fit us in the schedule. Their prices did not give me sticker shock (although the speeding ticket I received on the way in DID make this one of my higher vet visits), and I cannot stress enough how lovely everyone on staff was. Highly recommend using them for all your pet needs.

– Rebecca KP.